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Events & Catering Jobs

Events and Catering Jobs in Sydney and Beyond

If you love diversity and enjoy working with a wide range of clients from different industries, in venues that you may not otherwise get to experience, events and catering jobs may be the perfect casual job for you!

Getting involved with casual catering and events jobs within the exciting hospitality industry allows you the flexibility of working when you want to and offered shifts that you can then accept or decline based on your changing availability.

Experience Needed for Events and Catering

In the world of operational hospitality and events employment, technical experience is ideal, but an outgoing personality and common sense go a long way.

If you did want to brush up on a few points, it does help if you know the basics such as:

  • How to carry 3 plates
  • How to clear 5 plates
  • Carry a drink tray

If you are down on years of experience, don’t let that deter you. An upbeat, confident but humble nature will shine just as bright.

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Events & Catering Jobs

  • Barista / Cafe All Rounder | Global Corporate Client | CBD

    2 months ago