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Stephen Harris


Stephen Harris

Consulting Director

I have close to twenty years of experience working in the areas of developing, building and operating small and medium business, training, consulting, and coaching. I have a diverse body of career experience ranging from the food and wine industry, hospitality, customer service, sales – retail, wholesale and distribution, workplace training and recruitment, wine education and writing, and more.

A results driven business investor and consultant, developing people and the organisations of which they are part of is the driving force behind my creativity and inspiration.  I am currently CEO of Rickshaw Enterprises, a management consultancy firm based in Sydney. Through the work that I do with my team at Rickshaw Enterprises, I am able to consult start-ups through to fully established SME's and larger corporations. I act as consulting director at BENCHMARQUE which allows me to be further engaged in a growing hospitality and tourism sector while being close to the people and culture teams that drive this exciting industry.

I'm also devoted husband and father to five children, I enjoy triathlons and cooking.  

I can help businesses with:
Leadership & Direction, Structure & Management, Production & Resources, Business Development & Planning, and Systems & Processes

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