Lara Ainuddin


Lara Ainuddin

Staffing Administrator

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I was first exposed to the hospitality industry during my studies in my Diploma in Culinary Arts as a “safe” option after high school. Little did I know it was the start of a whirlwind adventure of experiences and lessons that would lead to my move to London, England, to complete my Honors degree in Culinary Management. 

Having gained experience working on the floor as well as in the kitchen in Malaysia and England in various venues and service styles, this not only grew my passion for providing exceptional customer experiences but also my awareness of the importance of maintaining employee well being. This led me to pack up my bags (again) and start my new life in Sydney, Australia, this time studying my Masters in Human Resources (whilst also working as a Barista for a year and a half!), in hopes to make a difference of not only how we treat our customers, but also how we treat our staff. 

Now at BENCHMARQUE, I’ve found a happy medium between my two passions and hope to be the bridge between customer as well as employee care and also in hopes to nurture and motivate individuals to develop themselves just as hospitality did for me. 

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