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Finance Manager


Finance Manager


I've always been fascinated by efficiency, process and, yes numbers, so it was only natural for me to pursue a career in Finance.

Learning from the ground up, I've worked in roles throughout the Banking and Finance industry, from clerk through to APO and most recently, Financial Accountant.

Coming from a sound financial services background, I was determined to complete my MBA, and in 2016 I was thrilled to accomplish this. With over 15 years’ experience within investment banking, superannuation and retail banking, I thrive on helping businesses create prosperity through transformational finance. I am most excited implementing systems in order to automate and streamline operations whilst adhering to best practice.

I am available to help best practice hospitality operators achieve their financial goals through systems and process improvements and innovation. Please feel free to contact me via my details above if you feel we can help you grow.

I can help businesses with:
Financial reporting, change management, contract negotiations, systems & processes planning and implementation.


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