Carlyn Shaw


Carlyn Shaw

Marketing Specialist

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, I come from a strong background in hospitality positions. From my first hospitality job as a crêpe chef to bartending and more recently as a skilled barista in Sydney, I am passionate about exceptional service and making meaningful connections. While I completed my degrees in Communications as well as Sociology and Social Anthropology, I continued to work in the industry to support myself and gain transferable skills. After completing my studies, these skills allowed me to travel the world and eventually led to my position at BENCHMARQUE.

I first began gaining valuable connections from building and maintaining professional contacts when modeling in high school. From there, I made the gradual transition to promotions and marketing. I quickly became passionate about representing brands, hitting marketing targets, and communicating these brands’ respective visions. Over a period of six years, I have completed various brand ambassador and brand manager positions throughout Canada, where I was privileged enough to partner with companies such as Volvo, Ford, Quacker, Air Miles, and most recently Spotify.

My primary focus at BENCHMARQUE is to communicate the brand and its values through social media channels, strategic planning, and content creation. I am honoured to work alongside the team and look forward to growing with BENCHMARQUE by joining the effort in inspiring 100,000 people to commence and grow their professional hospitality careers by year 2020.

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