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Brendan Lim


Brendan Lim

Junior Data & Business Analyst

In June 2012, a bright eyed and bushy tailed Brendan (although with short hair back then) walked through BENCHMARQUE's doors for an Events Casuals group interview. Very green and very naive, I had never had a job before, let alone a job in hospitality. Despite this, two of our original Staffing Coordinators, Sabina and Carly, took me in any way! Although I didn’t have a long-term plan to stay in hospitality, I fell in love with the industry, and five years I still am!

Since my start at Sokyo, I have worked across all FOH roles, coming into my own as a lead waiter and maitre 'd, before venturing into Front Office with Sheraton and Marriott. After a one year stint in media, events and music festivals, I consulted on the pre-opening team for Thievery in Glebe on branding and FOH operations before returning to BENCHMARQUE.

Taking my experience in developing group recruitment programs and providing staffing coordinator services, I primarily function as a technical and non-technical business analyst. By understanding and translating high-level executive direction, as well as everyday team needs, I mediate competing needs for resources between teams with strategic, process-driven solutions. I also provide internal team training and development during implementation and ongoing support in production.

I also provide copywriting, sub-editing, photography, basic graphic and web design services.

Connect with me to learn how I can help reclaim your valuable time and energy for your business through bespoke recruitment and training solutions, HR and payroll services and systems and procedures consultancy.


I can help businesses with:
Recruitment & Staff Management, Training & Assessment, Consulting

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